I sense the clay and let it work to find it’s own way between my hands. The flow is very intuitive and sensual. My inspiration is found in the nature and always very organic. From my many walks by the sea and coast. My endless collection of beautiful stones I keep dearly since I was a little child. The ocean has always been one big mystery for me. Always a bit afraid and drawn to this mystic element and the hidden ´sea monsters´ below the surface. Today I am still afraid of getting my head under water or to go out where my feet can’t reach the seabed.

The human is such a complex and sensitive being that has slowly transgressed to cope and even thrive on this planet but modern daily life has a static motion and rythm where anxiety and distance is growing concepts. We surround ourselves with digital – and social media and everything around us has the same shape. We live in buildings and rooms which are square, see squares everyday in our environment, have a need for structure and control and we tend to put ourselves in boxes – even though we live on a planet whose creations are inherently organic. We need to change our perspective – we need to reset My sculptures are a token of both physical and mental feelings that we all posses and relate to. This is my first series of sculptures where I have used stoneware clay and let it dry for extra long time in between molding.

To make the organic curves, make it rest and just give it the time it needed. It’s everything else than square and digital. It’s a natural material and motion in all its senses. The surfaces are clean and smooth; to associate with silky waves, stones sharpened by sand, glossy creatures or something we see glimpses of in our dreams.

There is a clear line between the aesthetics which we find us easily attracted to and the monsters we are afraid of. I want people to ´feel´ and connect as well as letting go in my work I call ´FLOW´.

So please feel free to ´FLOW´.

I work as a sculptor and my main material is ceramics. I clearly remember the very first time I touched the clay again in my adult life. The feeling of having this natural soft and grateful material between my hands. You can call it love by first touch. Since this I can’t hold back the urge of shaping and making something from nothing. Something that feels so natural and very much intuitive for me. It is like a bond that I can’t and won’t break´